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Dewanda Petty 7th Apr, 2012+0
let it ring out
zoinky 13th Jan, 2012+0
Received a call from this number, they called me "Francia" and told me to call for my free $200 Walmart Gift Certificate. Sounds like a scam.
Mamechaoui Djamel 8th Jan, 2012+0
calls several times a day...even late at night!
Adnan 7th Jan, 2012+0
He is such an a--hole. He has a smart unenglish attitude, will not tell me why he is calling and will not fax me the information I want him to.
bebob 12th Dec, 2011+0
Leaves no message or other information
Alerta 29th Nov, 2011+0
They keep calling and dont leave a message.
Glenn 30th Oct, 2011+0
No one is calling.
Abiah 26th Oct, 2011+0
Call ID'd as Verizon. Dead line when answered. Usually receive calls at night 8:00 - 10:00 pm.
Rocking Chic 24th Aug, 2011+0
I have no idea who is this calling me. Why don't they leave a message.
kenley 1st Aug, 2011+0
Has called once a day for several weeks now. I'm on the DNCL, but finally decided to pick up the phone to make the calls stop in person. No one was there. Very intrusive to keep getting these calls. Good luck everyone. This is a weird one... So, I called the number. The voicemail said: This is the voicemail of Willie Dunn at Catholic Community Services. I'm not available right now...blah, blah, blah." (?!?!) I don't know this person or why might be calling me, but these robocalls totally suck. >:-[

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